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Enterprise Strategy Development

Our architects and experts, leveraging a proven methodology, works with your team to craft a custom Enterprise Strategy that will achieve your company’s unique objectives. Our plans provide the tools to ensure proper execution of your strategy as well as insights that will help you select the appropriate set of technologies to best support your mobile initiatives.

  • Generate scope & objectives
  • Identify principles
  • Determine decision framework
  • Create a solution blueprint
  • Establish technology standards
  • Define roles & organizations

Integration Services

Providing specialized engineering services is a cornerstone of our business. We enable project success by supplying the appropriate level of expertise and skills to compliment your organization’s capabilities and culture. Unwired Revolution regularly manages integration projects involving multiple technologies and is well equipped to traverse the technical and political hurdles that are common in large, more complex environments. 

  • Implement new mobile enablement technologies
  • Leverage integration points between multiple products
  • Migrate to a replacement solution
  • Develop and integrate custom tools and utilities

Support & Maintenance

We understand the importance of keeping key operational systems functioning properly and are always available to ensure upgrades go smoothly or complex issues get resolved quickly. Our broad base of knowledge and exceptional troubleshooting skills make us a valuable asset when key systems are down or exhibiting irregular behavior.

  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues
  • Upgrade existing systems
  • Expand or enhance usage of key products
  • Assess and optimize production environments
  • Provide administrative assistance and in-sourcing


Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Mobile Application Management (MAM)
Mobile Content Management (MCM)
Secure mobile network access
Mobile application development
Advanced authentication
Connection management
Remote support
Data protection
Operational data delivery
Process/workflow automation


Consumer products

Technology Expertise

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