Software development and strategic investment

Unwired Revolution’s is a venture technology innovator. Our mission is to create simple, repeatable solutions for complex problems. We leverage a mix of software and services to build, deploy, and manage products across a wide array of customers.

Solutions we build and manage directly.

Workflow automation for distributed devices

Designed to support devices located outside your main office, RemoteLink delivers files quickly and efficiently. It also helps manage applications and standardize configurations on mission critical remote and mobile systems.

Simple and secure remote network access

Ocketio is a cloud-centric software solution that provides secure remote access to networks you manage, whether on-prem or in the cloud. Focusing on efficiency and ease of use, Ocketio will help quickly support your distributed users and devices.

Cloud platform for booking and managing temporary staff

Pistaffio enables companies to easily solicit, compare, and select competitive bids from multiple staffing agencies. It also automates key workflows related to job management for both agencies and customers by streamlining worker assignments, time tracking, and payment processing.

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Capabilities we have incubated or helped create for others.

Secure and seamless Apple device management

Do you have Apple devices that need to be securely monitored, updated, and licensed? With a focus on simplicity of use and adoption, we helped create and incubate one of the best mobile device management solutions focused specifically for Apple on the market.

Zero trust mobile network access and policy enforcement

The rise of remote work and use of personal devices has increased the need for tools that are designed to facilitate control and access beyond the traditional corporate network perimeter. We helped build key components to provide visibility and policy enforcement for mobile devices.

Delivering effective solutions via smart integration

What happens when you prefer to buy rather than build, but you can’t find a solution that adequately meets the needs identified? This is the situation that some of our customers have faced. We have proven methodologies to knit together solutions that will cover more requirements with less cost and customization.

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