Unwired Revolution Launches RemoteLink 2.3

Enhancing Administrative and System Efficiencies

MESA, Ariz. (May 9, 2016) – RemoteLink 2.3 is now available for upgrade by current RemoteLink maintenance customers. RemoteLink automates and monitors the flow of operational data and provides the critical foundation for many business processes by streamlining the bi-directional delivery of various types of data, including sales reports, inventory data, field maps and even software and configuration files.

Version 2.3 moves beyond the job management functions introduced in previous versions and focuses on administrative and system efficiencies.

A new ‘Send File Group’ event enables collections of files to be sent more efficiently than ever. It is designed to quickly detect differences between server and client files, greatly improving performance when transferring large quantities of files or volumes of data. “We are constantly looking for intelligent solutions to our customers’ challenges. This feature is a perfect example of us listening and responding to one of those needs. I would say that a majority of our development roadmap is a direct result of the incredible partnership we have with our customers,” said Michael Lowery, Unwired Revolution’s CTO.

RemoteLink 2.3 enhances the ability to target groups of clients based on system characteristics. Administrators now have additional operators along with system and user-defined client variables when specifying criteria for dynamic groups. The ability to enable or disable client groups is also available. Additionally, historical job information is more easily accessible via saved filters and a prioritized list of work that the client will execute during a job is now available.

An enhanced system status component now monitors RemoteLink’s status in real time and alerts administrators via badges in the navigation bar when any warnings or errors occur. As a result, issues can more quickly be detected and addressed.

In just two years, dozens of former RemoteWare users have migrated to RemoteLink, citing its exceptional functionality and well-supported platform. RemoteLink is now leveraged to support tens of thousands of systems in the Unites States and Europe.

Rob Lowery, the CEO of Unwired Revolution summarized the announcement. “We continue to be pleased with the rate of adoption of RemoteLink and appreciate our customers’ enthusiasm regarding our enhancements and the opportunities they provide.”

To learn more about improving and streamlining data transfer experiences, visit unwiredremotelink.com.

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