Version 2.5 of RemoteLink Data Delivery Solution Released

Introduces Alerting of Key System Events

Introduced in early 2014, RemoteLink provides the ability to intelligently orchestrate the movement of key business data between corporate systems and devices in remote locations or in the field. RemoteLink is being leveraged by dozens of retail and restaurant chains as well as organizations with large field forces to efficiently collect/distribute data, manage system configurations and software, and automate related processes.

Version 2.5 of RemoteLink includes a comprehensive Alerts & Events sub-system designed to heighten visibility of key system processes and activities. Administrators can custom build Alerts, specifying the occurrence of one or multiple of the more than one-hundred system Events as criteria. In addition, Alerts can initiate notifications via external systems, such as email or Syslog.

RemoteLink’s library of pre-defined script statements has been expanded. New and enhanced statements enable large quantities or volumes of files to be more efficiently compared and delivered. A statement that ties into the Alerts & Events system has also been added. It allows an Event to be generated during the execution of the script, typically conditional on the success or failure of the previous statement.

“In previous versions, our focus had been on optimizing and perfecting the core functions of RemoteLink. This release starts us down a path of introducing new and exciting features and extensions to the product,” says Michael Lowery, CTO and co-founder of Unwired Revolution. “We continue to work closely with our customers and prospects to provide a flexible solution that addresses a diverse set of data delivery needs.”

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