DocLink 2.6 is Released

Unwired DocLink version 2.6 is now available for existing maintenance customers. Many of the features and functional improvements included in this version of DocLink are based on customer requests. Below you’ll find highlights of the new features included in DocLink 2.6.

DocLink 2.6 Enhancement Highlights


  • New support for replicating SharePoint created user groups for Folder assignments. The ‘Replicate SharePoint Folder Permissions’ setting will now replicate both AD groups and SharePoint groups into the Permissions page for SharePoint-based Folders.
  • Support for enabling/disabling Home folder access from the iOS Client app has been added


  • The ‘Document Usage (by Document)’ and ‘Document Usage (by Device)’ reports now include subscription and open counts for files from variable-based Folders.
  • Tenant information has been added to applicable reports.

iOS Apps

  • On iOS devices, landscape mode is now supported for both the registration and re-authentication processes.
  • Both the ‘Print’ and ‘Open in…’ functions have been reinstated for iOS devices.


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