Unwired Revolution Releases Enhancements to DocLink

Solving More Enterprise Mobile Content Delivery Concerns

MESA, Ariz. (Mar. 30, 2015) – Unwired Revolution, a mobile-focused software provider and systems integrator, released version 2.5 of DocLink. Unwired DocLink delivers Enterprise mobile content in context to mobile devices. DocLink provides access to SharePoint and other enterprise file shares that reside inside the firewall to iOS, Android and Windows devices without compromising security.

DocLink focuses on the mobile content needs for large service and sales workforces by facilitating access to mission critical materials in an offline state, which alleviates the need for users to have to locate the desired content only when online. When content is updated, it is refreshed automatically, eliminating the need for user intervention or awareness of changes.

“Organizations with field workforces have been challenged with the need to deliver a secure provision of content while enhancing the user experience in accessing and leveraging this content as part of their process and performance,” said Unwired Revolution CEO and Co-Founder Rob Lowery. “DocLink uniquely allows these organizations an opportunity to solve this previously undressed problem – DocLink blends secure contact access with enhanced user-experience.”

DocLink 2.5 contains enhancements for both administrators and for end users. For the IT administrator, DocLink 2.5 provides a streamlined update process for the DocLink Server installation package, improved reporting, and support for tenant-based folder management.

Additionally, organizations with ruggedized devices due to climate and environmental reasons tend to use Windows devices. DocLink gives end users with Windows devices an experience more consistent with iOS apps. DocLink 2.5 comes with touchscreen capabilities, giving users a tablet experience.

Launched in July 2013, DocLink has set itself apart from collaboration solutions in the marketplace. DocLink’s purpose is to be a content delivery and control tool, offering flexible targeted delivery whether forced and or user-subscription. More enterprise-driven enhancements are planned for the end of the year.

To learn more about delivering targeted content in context, visit unwireddoclink.com.

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