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A well-defined Enterprise Mobile Strategy provides the structure and guidance required to efficiently address needs and make practical decisions related to mobility.

Unwired Revolution works with you, leveraging a proven methodology, to craft a custom Enterprise Mobile Strategy that will achieve your company’s unique objectives. Our plans provide the tools to ensure proper execution of your strategy as well as insights that will help you select the appropriate set of technologies to best support your mobile initiatives.

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Generate Scope & Objectives

  • Assess immediate and future mobile business needs and objectives
  • Determine functional and operational initiatives needed to achieve goals

Create a Solution Blueprint

  • Identify method for delivering resulting mobile services from decision models
  • Produce a blueprint of required mobile solution elements

Identify Principles

  • Define overarching philosophies and principles that reflect business needs and culture
  • Leverage principles to guide process, technology, and execution decisions

Establish Technology Standards

  • Select products and tools for solution blueprint elements, leveraging common infrastructure and services
  • Communicate and educate organization regarding standards

Determine Decision Framework

  • Identify mobile end user personas
  • Create straightforward, logical decision models for delivering key mobile services to persona groups
  • Ensure models are consumable by technical and non-technical users

Define Roles & Organizations

  • Determine roles needed to manage each of the tools and processes defined within the strategy
  • Align organizational structure to support mobile strategy, allocating the appropriate resources for success

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